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♠  Contractors 
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We can help your clients get maximum compensation for their loss.  Our services benefit contractors, plumbers, electricians and handymen, by ensuring that their clients are properly and fully compensated for damages sustained from a covered loss. If you are performing repairs for a client as a result of an insurance claim, we can help by negotiating a larger settlement for their damages. If you aren’t performing insurance repairs, we can review your client’s policy to find out if the repairs you are performing might be covered under their homeowner’s policy. Our expertise in understanding of your client’s insurance policy and how different coverage apply to the loss also helps your clients recover more from applicable coverage that might have otherwise been overlooked.


We can assist realtors with properties that have sustained damages. Your client’s property may have damage that’s preventing the sale of the property; this damage might be covered under your client’s property insurance policy. We can inspect the property, review the policy, and if the damage is covered and within the statute of limitations, we can assist your client in getting the needed funds to perform the repairs and make their property ready to place on the market.


We can assist landlords or management companies in getting compensated for damages caused by destructive tenants. Vandalism and malicious acts are usually covered under your landlord or commercial policy.  We can assist in getting you compensated for the repairs as well as reimbursed for loss of rent.


We assist law firms with their client's property loss. As loss consultants we document and photograph the damages. Prepare detailed estimates, coordinate and attend all inspections on behalf of the law firm with the insurance company's adjusters and experts. We provide attorneys with frequent consultations and assessment of the loss. With our expert assistance law firms are able to demand maximum compensation for their clients. 


Our firm can be hired by homeowners, business owners, and law firms. We do not receive compensation from any other source nor do we provide any type of compensation for referrals.   



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