Needed to Process Your Claim:


Below we have provided a list of important documents which may be potentially needed depending on your individual claim and the circumstances involving your loss. Please have any and all the available documents in your possession that might apply to your loss for us to review on the day we initially inspect your property.


New Claims:


  • Declaration Page and Complete Insurance Policy
  • Insurance Company’s Correspondence
  • Driver’s License – All Named on Policy
  • Photographs of Loss/Damages – if available
  • Repair Receipts
  • Most Recent Mortgage Statement
  • Property Warranty Deed
  • Police Report – if applicable
  • Fire Report – if applicable
  • Rental Lease Agreement – if applicable
  • Wind Mitigation Report – if applicable
  • 4 Point Inspection Report – if applicable
  • Roof, Electrical, Plumbing or Building Permits – if applicable
  • Residential Appraisal Report – if purchased in last 5 years – if available
  • Previous Loss (Last 7 Years) – Estimates, Reports, Payments, Letters, Photos, Executed Release, Appraisal Awards, etc. – if available


Existing/Open Claims – Need the above including:


  • Claim Number
  • Date you contacted the Insurance Company
  • Date Insurance Company Inspected your Property – if applicable


Received Payment, But Are Not Satisfied:


Let us review your claim to determine whether you were properly compensated for your loss. Your previous payment might have been an underpaid by your insurance company.  Many times we find that insurance companies overlook important areas that need to be addressed.  Usually this occurs when repairs commence and hidden damages are discovered resulting in additional expenses. Once we have thoroughly reviewed your claim we can determine whether your claim was underpaid. We can reopen the claim on your behalf just as long as you didn’t sign a “Release” of claim or received an “Appraisal Award”. In order to review a previously paid claim we would need all the documents in your possession pertaining to the loss. For your reference above is a list of possible documents needed, in addition it is important if you can locate any of the following:


  • Estimates and Payments From Insurance Company
  • Previous Public Adjuster Estimate – if applicable
  • Photographs of the Loss/Damages



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