1. To Start the Claims Process - Call Us: (ACE) All Claims Experts, LLC (786) 536-6560 - to set up an appointment. We will review your policy and complete a FREE inspection of your home or place of business in order to evaluate your loss and do a complete property damage assessment. In the event that we determine that you are covered for your loss under your property insurance policy, and you decide to move forward with a claim and choose to hire us, you will do so by signing our Public Adjuster contract. Our contract is brief, simple, and easy to understand. We will discuss all aspects of the claim process with you before you sign up with us. We make sure that you understand the process and we address any questions or concerns that you may have. By signing the contract, you are authorizing us to represent your interest with your insurance company throughout the claim process. The contract also states that our fee is contingent on a successful recovery; if we are not able to help you, there is no fee for our services. NO RECOVERY NO FEE




2. Inspection & Documentation: During our inspection, we thoroughly document the evidence seen throughout your entire property. We take detailed photographs of the property and the loss, careful measurements and a floor plan to document the condition of the property. We will review important factual information and collect further documentation from you to help us prepare an accurate estimate to submit to your insurance company.




3. Reporting Claim: ACE will file your claim with your insurance company.




4. Insurance Company Assigns Field Adjuster: Your insurance company will assign a field adjuster (insurance adjuster) which will inspect your property, evaluate the loss and review the claim. The adjuster will then complete a report and turn it in to the insurance company for review.




5. Property Inspections: ACE will coordinate with your insurance company an initial inspection and will meet with their adjuster at your property. We will schedule all inspections needed and we will be present to represent you during the inspections.




6. Property Estimates: ACE will prepare and submit a written estimate of your loss to your insurance company. This estimate will include a detailed inventory of your loss along with the estimated costs to repair and replace your damaged property.




7. Insurance Company’s Response: ACE's estimate will be reviewed along with the insurance adjuster’s report by your insurance company. At this point the insurance company might respond to your claim by requesting a second inspection of the loss with one of their experts such as an engineer, contractor, floor expert, etc.  Once reports are available your insurance company might propose a settlement offer or deny the claim.




8. Negotiating Your Claim: ACE will respond to your insurance company’s settlement offer negotiating the best settlement for you, as we always have your best interest in mind. We will always be in communication with you advising you on the status of your claim every step of the way. We work for you not the insurance company.




9. Reaching a Settlement to Finalize Claim: In circumstances where your insurance company’s settlement offer is substantially less than ACE’s proposed settlement offer, we will request that the insurance company pay the undisputed amount immediately while our experienced team at ACE continues to work towards a final settlement agreement on your behalf.




10. Payment: Once payment has been received we will take you step by step through the final part of the process. If you have a mortgage you will need to advise them of your loss and we will guide you through all the paper work to process your insurance payment securely and in a timely matter. It is our job to restore you to your pre-loss condition in a timely, stress-free, and professional manner. We thank you for choosing our firm and look forward to assisting you!



 What Should You Do?




When it comes to insurance claims, not only are your actions important, but so are your words. What you say and don’t say also plays a critical role in the amount of compensation you receive, which is why it’s a good idea to contact our firm prior to any contact with the insurance company or starting any repairs. We have prepared a list of a few Do’s and Don’ts in order to help you get the maximum compensation that you are entitled to for your loss. There are several things that insureds and property owners need to be aware of before, during, and after the claim process. We have outlined some tips and pointers to help ensure it’s a smooth process from start to finish.




DO call All Claims Experts (ACE) to schedule an inspection and consultation PRIOR to calling your insurance company.

DO take photos of the damage and make notes of pertinent facts to help document the loss.

DO take temporary measures to prevent further damage. (Tarp damaged roofs, cover any openings, temporary and or minor plumbing repairs, shut off water valve to the bathroom, etc.)

DO keep all receipts and proof of expenses incurred as a result of the loss. Such as hotel receipts, groceries, gas, debit and credit card statements, hardware store receipts such as ACE Hardware, Home Depot, or Lowes, etc.)

DO set immediately any social network settings (example: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace) you may have to “private” and limit access to only individuals you approve. Keep in mind the insurance company or defense attorney for the insurance company may at some point attempt to access your page in order to obtain information that bears on your claim. Be cautious, don’t post anything, whether it be photos or statements pertaining to your loss.

DON’T sign any work authorization contracts by any third party vendors or insurance company vendors except to board up the property if you are not able to do so yourself.

DON’T call the claim in yourself. Let All Claims Experts (ACE) do all the work for you in handling your claim’s process, this includes calling in the claim, filling out the paperwork, scheduling the insurance company inspections, providing them with an estimate, and negotiating the maximum compensation. We will be the intermediary and act as your representative throughout the entire process.

DON’T call your insurance agent for advice on placing a claim (YOUR INSURANCE AGENT SELLS INSURANCE - THEY DON’T HANDLE THE CLAIMS PROCESS); anything you say will be passed on to the adjuster and possibly used against you. Most people think they need to call their insurance agent to call in the claim, this is not true. You can place a claim directly with your insurance company. Your agent will usually try to discourage you from placing a claim for several reasons: they have the insurance company’s interest in mind; they might be trying to keep the loss ratio on their books of business low because it’s usually tied to bonuses, vacations, and other incentives; and it's the insurance company’s first line of defense in minimizing claims. Company agents represent the insurance company’s interest, not yours, because their obligation is to their employer; only independent insurance brokers are obligated to protect your interest!

DON’T do any clean up or repairs prior to inspection of the damages by your insurance carrier. We will need to document the damages and severity of the loss prior to any repairs being done. It is critical that the damage is left untouched until your insurance company’s adjuster has had a chance to do their inspection and scope the loss.  

DON’T throw anything away, even debris. The debris is evidence that is needed to prove your loss or the severity of your loss and needs to be kept in case it needs to be shown to the insurance company and documented.

DON’T buy everything in cash, it’s harder to track and prove purchases and expenses except with paper receipts, which are usually lost during the chaos. Be sure to use your credit card or debit card if possible, this way you can ensure everything gets documented. You can even use the statements to calculate your mileage for evacuation expense reimbursement.

DON’T do anything you aren't certain about until you contact All Claims Experts (ACE). With the exception of taking measures to "prevent further damage" to your property, leave everything intact until (ACE) and the insurance company inspects your loss. You will not be paid for damages that are not properly documented nor available for inspections.  Do not get the urge to cleanup and repair as this might have an adverse effect on the amount of compensation you receive to properly repair your property!



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