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All Claims Experts is a Florida Public Insurance Adjusting Firm dedicated to helping you, the policyholder; recover from damages sustained to your property. Whether you own commercial, residential property, or have a renter's policy our licensed Public Adjusters are independent insurance specialists working exclusively as your personal advocates. We will prepare an estimate of your loss, negotiate your claim, and ultimately recover money for damages on your behalf with the complete goal to recover the full value of your loss.


♠ As Your Public Insurance Adjuster We Will ♠

• Review your policy coverage and advise as to the maximum benefits you are legally entitled to.
• Inform you on how to protect and secure your property from further damage.
• Document and photograph your loss in order to submit to your insurance company.
• Provide a physical inventory and or appraisal of all damaged personal property.
• Provide experts needed to support your claim.
• Submit a detailed repair estimate to your insurance company.
• Formally report / submit your claim to your insurance company.
• Keep you updated periodically on the ongoing process of your claim.
• Negotiate the best possible settlement of your claim with your insurance company.
• Our goal is to get a settlement that is satisfactory for you to properly repair your property and to relieve you of the stress and hardship of having to meet all of the requirements of your insurance company.


♠ Public Insurance Adjusters ♠

A respectable Public Adjuster will meet the policyholder at the site immediately, provide you with information under your additional living expenses when applicable, and will guide you for measures to secure property from further damage and debris removal. From the onset, the Public Adjuster reviews the policy in detail to evaluate all possible monetary compensation under the guidelines of the policy. We then assess the damages by completing a detailed inventory of both building and personal property.  We represent the policyholder at all the inspections with the insurance company's representatives, and present a thorough claim to the insurance company.